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‘What happens when people open their hearts?’ 'They get better.’ 

Haruki Murakami  

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The following testimonials were kindly sent to us by some of our existing clients.  In every case, the client gave their consent for their comments to be published, and specified how they would like to be identified.



'I am so grateful to have found Karen, she has made such a profound difference to my healing following a bereavement and I cannot thank her enough for the commitment, kindness and sincerity she has shown me over the past year.  From my first session with her to many (in person and distance) sessions later, I continue to feel the benefits of her gentle, calm and compassionate therapeutic approach. I feel very much in peace with myself following our sessions. Karen has a unique gift and I cannot recommend her enough.'  D. A. Kelly, Dublin


'Reiki with Karen was a deeply relaxing experience. I felt like I was in safe and skillful hands throughout the session. Karen’s warmth and presence creates a very healing atmosphere and I felt happy and grounded for days afterwards. Stress and tension simply melted away and a strong sense of spaciousness remained. I would highly recommend having a Reiki session with her and I look forward to the next time!'  Carol, Dublin


'Having witnessed Karen's work with my intensely autistic nine-year-old son, Caoimh, I am convinced that she is a highly intuitive and sensitive practitioner of Reiki. She was able to bring Caoimh into a deep state of relaxation, and able also to detect which areas of his body needed particular attention. Karen also treated me. As Caoimh's primary carer, I am under considerable strain. I found Karen's session very therapeutic and refreshing, and would highly recommend regular Reiki with Karen for carers, or anyone else with a demanding life.'  Adrienne, Dublin


'I've been treated by Karen several times and am a big fan of her work. She has a deep intuitive understanding of energy and seems to know exactly where to focus the treatment. This results in a deep healing and a wonderful sense of grounding and relaxation. Karen has treated me mainly for pain and exhaustion. I wholeheartedly recommend her work.' Louise, Dublin


I really didn't know how stressed I was until Karen introduced me to Reiki.  Having cancer is stress in its self so any help is very welcome.  This beautiful treatment took me away from all my stress and anxiety and in doing so made me feel better within myself, helping me sleep better and giving me more energy to take on day to day life.'  Aly, Dublin


'I had been through several rounds of IVF & I finally got pregnant!  I decided to try Reiki as a form of relaxation. I have had several sessions now and I will continue this through the rest of the pregnancy. It gives me an immense sense of relaxation and I feel like I have restored my energy the next day.  Karen is very professional and personal. I immediately felt comfortable in her presence which I think is important, for it to really all work.' Anonymous, Dublin


'I suffer with anxiety and was taking prescribed medication when I started Reiki. At first I was a bit apprehensive about Reik but Karen made me feel completely relaxed and I was amazed at how I felt during and after the sessions. After my first Reiki session with Karen, I felt completely attuned with myself for the first time and I made some really positive decisions which have changed my life for the better. I stopped taking my medication after two sessions and I am still off the medication today. Thank you so much Karen for your help. I don’t know how you do it, but you're amazing!!!'  Donna, Dublin


'After a miscarriage I went to see Karen to help deal with the loss.   Her visceral understanding of treating the person, rather than a symptom or illness resulted in three incredible reiki sessions for me. Each session felt different, in focus and intensity, but gave the same therapeutic experience. Karen is a gifted practitioner, with an innate ability to lead you gently towards your own healing.'  Sharon, Dublin


'I would recommend Karen to anyone, she has such a lovely, warm, open nature and a genuine interest in understanding where you are at.  This enabled us to create different intentions for the sessions together – which I feel was really important.  During the sessions a lot came up for me that enabled me to let go – both in an emotional and physical level.  Karen played a key role in facilitating that.  Thank you Karen.'  Moira, Dublin


'Karen is a very skilled and intuitive Reiki practitioner. She tunes in to your personal energy and works with it . The benefits of a session with her are subtle and powerful. I would definitely recommend her.' Karen, Dublin


I had Reiki sessions with therapist Karen Griffin recently and I am still blown away with the calming results she brought to my life.  After a bereavement, I did try some other ways to help my pain, but I never thought one hour healing Reiki could help.  It was an eye opening experience for me. After the treatment I felt so relaxed.  I don't know what Karen did, but it worked...  She is very dedicated to helping and understanding people and she has very positive attitude and energy.  I am grateful to Karen for sharing her incredible gift with me and I will always recommend her to anyone.' Agnieszka, Dublin


'I had a lovely reiki treatment from Karen.  From the moment I entered her space I felt I was in confident hands. I was late and rushing from work but Karen's professional and reassuring manner had an immediate calming effect on me. I had a healing and rejuvenating experience during my session and look forward to further treatments.'  Grainne, Dublin


'I really enjoyed the Reiki sessions I had with Karen. I did not know much about Reiki before I went and Karen explained everything really clearly. Karen made me feel very at ease and the sessions were really relaxing. I felt great during and after them. I would highly recommend anyone to go to Karen for a treatment - thoroughly enjoyable!'  Muireann, Dublin


'I visited Karen for my first Reiki session and was extremely impressed. From the minute I entered the serene surroundings I felt enveloped in a bubble of warmth. Karen's quiet healing power was very restorative and I returned home to my busy life feeling invincible!Natalie, Dublin


'I found Karen very professional and engaging, I felt very relaxed and as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders.'  Dave, Dublin


Karen is my best, kept secret. She gives me a competitive advantage by helping me tap into the energy I need to be highly productive in my business consistently.'  Rory, Dublin


I had a truly wonderful Reiki session with Karen.  Her kindness, calmness and genuine desire to heal left me feeling truly relaxed and set me up for a very deep sleep that night.  Very much looking forward to my next session.  Thank you Karen!' Serena, Snr Sales Manager


'Many thanks for lovely treatment Karen, feel good deal more resourced and also less physical pain.' Sarah, Dublin



'Karen was my coach from 2015-2017 and really helped me navigate through big changes in my life - moving house (twice), meeting my partnerstarting a family and more!  Her support, guidance, compassion and skills were invaluable and helped me maintain a good life balance through so much change.  I highly recommend Karen as a coach.'  Shane, Kilkenny


'Initially I was trying to determine goals and explore opportunities related to my career, Karen helped me explore all possibilities and identify real achievable goals in a safe environment. Karen was gentle, supportive and encouraging throughout the process and really helped me gain clarity and focus on identifying my goals – both professionally and personally. I felt in control, empowered and inspired. I have applied the tools and techniques used in the sessions to all aspects of my life and rediscovered and realised other passions and goals I want to fulfil. It is my pleasure to acknowledge Karen and her professional work, thank you Karen!'  Amy, Dublin


'I completed a series of Life Coaching session with Karen Griffin and it has proved to be an extremely insightful process.  It felt like stepping off the tracks and taking a snapshop of your life. I, like most people can get caught up in the daily humdrum of life and lose sight of unfulfilled dreams and goals. Karen listens.  She has an innate ability to reflect back observations and insights that I may not have considered previously. A pair of objective eyes that illuminated darker, shadier spots I don't like to visit.  It's like an NCT, have a look at what is not working and see what needs to be done and look at what is working and know work you have done in the past has not gone to waste. I found the accountability element of the process very helpful, if you are a procrastinator with stuff you don't like doing, this is a sure fire way to get the ball rolling, making those calls, sending those emails, whatever it is. I would highly recommend Karen, if you are looking for a little help on this journey through life.'  Eileen, Dublin


'I found working with Karen a fascinating process.  She enabled me to explore questions about myself that delved deep into my values and goals, to review what really matters to me going forward.  At a crossroads in my life, this process was extremely cathartic and gave me focus to take the right next steps for me.  Her patient and calming nature is without judgement and I felt very comfortable sharing openly with her.  Thanks so much Karen!'  Sally, Dublin


'I Want to say a huge thank you Karen for my wellness and life coaching sessions with you! Your professionalism and helpful guidance throughout the coaching sessions helped me evaluate all areas of my life, from health and wellness to my career. With your guidance, I discovered areas to focus on which I hadn't considered before and made physical changes to improve on those areas. Thank you again for your professional advice and guidance!' Donna, Dublin


'Karen is an incredibly passionate Health & Wellness Coach. Having worked with her over a number of months I can attest to her natural warmth & empathy, which instantly made me feel very at ease. Karen is extremely intuitive and client focused, which ensured a very successful coaching journey in helping me to achieve my Wellness goals.' Aoife, Dublin


'I have been to many different practitioners in order to get my life back on track after a traumatic accident but nobody seemed to genuinely care about my well being until I went to see Karen.  Karen has an amazingly supportive style and her fountain of knowledge regarding the healing power of the body and mind is inspiring.  I would recommend anybody who feels they have lost direction in their life to book a session with Karen.' Mike, Dublin 



'I first discovered Karen's Shamanic joureying work during a workshop she ran at the Fumbally Stables.  I had the most powerful experience during the workshop.  Karen's drumming and chanting brought me to another place that I hadn't accessed before.  The particular theme of the workshop was journeying through the womb.  I had never experienced any Shamanic work before and I was so surprised that it had such a profound and quick impact on me.  I felt elated afterwards and felt I had been able to release what felt like a weight from my body.  After this experience, I wanted to book a one to one session with Karen.  This was a different kind of experience but also felt really powerful.  I had a lot of imagery of tigers which I felt was coming up as my spirit animal.  The period of Shamanic work with Karen opened up a whole new world for me.  It was the first time I was able to feel so deeply connected to my body and my intuition.  It cleared a lot of heavy emotion and I truly feel that it has deepened my healing ability as a Holistic Therapist as I now feel a lot more in tune with myself and with others.  Karen has a really wise presence and facilitates the sessions in such a loving and present way.  I highly recommend her sessions if you want to connect with your own inner wisdom and innate healing potential.'  Ffion


'Karen is truly gifted healer and beautiful soul. I had shamanic sessions with Karen. The healing was so gentle and so powerful. I was blown away with the messages and with the healing. My life is changed after the sessions with Karen. I am more connected with myself and with my purpose for this life time.' Inese, Ireland


'Karen is a beautiful, confident shamanic healer.  Before I worked with her, I was emotionally turbulent, and after our sessions, I was amazed how grounded and light I felt.  Karen is a pure, profound and true healer.  Working with her was an effective investment in my spiritual health and well being. Karen's work is extraordinary, her wisdom is profound.  I am truly grateful for her gorgeous, healing spirit. What a gift you have.'  Aoife, Dublin


'I have received several shamanic healings from Karen over the past 12 months.  I have always felt safe and supported throughout the sessions.  She has such a gentle yet profoundly powerful healing ability.  All of the sessions resulted in a deep sense of peace and calm after often deep emotional/energetic releases.  Karen is a very skilled healer, a skill she shares with such grace and commitment to her clients.Louise H.


'The Shamanic Healing sessions with Karen have been powerful and I experienced different sessions each time. Karen's encouragement and gentle guidance really made me feel at ease and open to each journey. Karen is an extremely talented and gifted healer that makes connecting to the spiritual side such an insightful and valuable experience.  Karen is an incredibly gifted healer.'  Don from Dublin


'Reiki and Shamanic healing with Karen was a deeply relaxing experience. I felt like I was in safe and skillful hands throughout the session. Karen’s warmth and presence creates a very healing atmosphere and I felt happy and grounded for days afterwards. Stress and tension simply melted away, energetic blocks were released and a strong sense of spaciousness remained. I would highly recommend having a Reiki or Shamanic healing session with her and I look forward to the next time'. Carol McInerney, Ireland. 



'I have received two shamanic counselling sessions from Karen and found both experiences profoundly healing. Karen facilitated and guided me through the journeys with great skill, gentleness and confidence, I felt very safe in her hands.  I had never experienced shamanic counselling before.  Karen spent plenty of time talking me through the process before we started, she answered any questions with clarity and acted as an amazing support throughout the journeys.  It's an unusual therapy in the sense you do all the work yourself, however that is only possible if you feel supported enough to let go into it. The space needs to be held confidently and compassionately a skill Karen is phenomenally gifted at.' Louise - mother and yoga teacher.


Karen is a skilled Shamanic Practitioner.  I attended for three sessions.  We explored issues that troubled me and with her help things became clearer.  The shamanic sessions have given me a new perspective after many years of traditional psychotherapy.  Karen is very compassionate, insightful and supportive.  I would highly recommend her as a Shamanic Therapist.'  Maura, Dublin


‘I have known Karen through her Reiki healing work for over a year now.  I know her to bring warmth, humor and compassion to her healing sessions.  When she suggested I explore Shamanism with her, I was delighted, as I knew I would be in safe hands. Having some decisions to face over the next few years, I really felt at sea as to what direction to take.  I expressed this to Karen and she helped me most insightfully to articulate my situation.  Having assessed where I was in my decision making process, she helped me to journey for guidance through meditation and rhythmic drumming.  Karen professionally helped me to reflect and interpret my journey.  She enabled me to look deep within myself for guidance.  I found Karen to be a comforting and caring presence.  I look forward to how my journey will unfold and thank her greatly, as I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of Shamanism.'  Bernie, Dublin


'I did Shamanic Counselling sessions with Karen to get clarity, guidance and direction with personal and life issues and found Karen's skill, warmth and non-judgemental presence really supported me and facilitated my journey through the process.  I would recommend working with Karen as a Practitioner.'  Deirdre, Dublin


'Karen is an amazing Shaman and healer, she has healed me in ways I never thought possible.  She shares her amazing wisdom freely and truly cares for our planet and all of humanity!Lisa, Dublin